Term 1, 2021

Monday: 1st February – 29th March (8 weeks)

Tuesday: 2nd February – 30th March

 Wednesday: 3rd February – 31st March

 Thursday: 28th January  – 25th  March

 Friday: 29th January – 26th March

 Sunday:  31st January  – 28th March

Lockdown Cancellations (all classes unless stated otherwise)

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Wet Cancellations

Sunday , Sunday (Groups only), Friday.

Further information (Term 1, 2021)

No Classes:

Between and including Friday 2nd April and Friday 9th April.

Extra make up classes for wet weather/lockdown  Cancellations

(all classes at your usual time unless otherwise stated)

Sunday 11th April

Monday 12th April

Tuesday 13th April

Wednesday 14th April

Thursday  (no make ups)

Friday – 16th April

Sunday 18th April